Experiencias Barinesas


Experiencias Barinesas


    En este año que en un mes se acaba he podido hacer algún viaje y vivir experiencias muy interesantes, voy a contar algunas de ellas de mi viaje a Bari, como tengo que practicar el ingles y practicar redacciones he hecho una redacción en ingles sobre el tema, espero que resulte interesante.


In April of 2005 I did a travel at Bari for a week. In the travel did very things, I visited a precious zone, I knew wonderful peoples, especially Maica, Rina, Simona, Claudia, Franchesco, Faviolo and others Friends. I danced and song with they.  So we spoke about various customers, we walked around Trigiano and we living very funny situations in the week.


For example when I arrived at Trigiano I tried at do an investigation about the beauty and the attraction, how I haven’t a concept about the beauty of the mans I did it about the women. So I tried at be brazen because already I was an expert of the art of dissimulation, while I passed for an estate of insulting sincerity. First It was very interesting and funny but they had a false idea of me and it isn’t very good.

Along time I worried me for a problem, any girl of the Italians I liked. It was rarely because they was very sympathetic, very sincere, very amazing, interesting and so very beautiful. In my subject it wasn’t too because usually it’s needed that she has a very rarely characteristic. I knew a girl, she has the characteristic and all characteristic with I wanted in a girlfriend but I didn’t like. It worried but also it was exciting. I looked much for my investigation and I understood with my firth idea about the investigation was quite difficult and I left it. I lived other Experiences and the Italians students waited some days for ask me a question. Then they in the bus asked who I liked, I didn’t answer and they thought with Simona I liked. I didn’t tell that was the truth. Now I want do but I can’t.

Finally I returned at Spain, a very sad return.  


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    javieeeeeeeeer soy noe del insti!!! toma mi direc y agregame ya!!!nenita_legionaria@hotmail.comun saludo!!!pero agregame eeeeeee??


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