Philosopical phrases

Here I Have put the translation of some of my fovourites philosopical phrases, with the time I will  put more.



Goodness: quality that some peoples have that let them help at the others and give at the others, also of do the right giving less importance at the consequences that the others peoples. Definition done by Javier Valladolid.

Essential of the interest: Essential that says that the humans being (we) operate for get a benefit or prevent damage, it be material or not material. Definition does by Javier Valladolid.

Evil: quality that some peoples have that let them harm at the others and make use of them, also of do the bad right giving less importance at the consequences that the others peoples. Definition done by Javier Valladolid.

Happiness: Estate where is had a sensation difficult of identify but that isn’t indescribable for me, it’s only and it go accompany of a great profit (not the maximum profit because I have had greater profits that we I have been happy) and often of a reduction of the desires. Definition done by Javier Valladolid.

Way: It’s refereed at the labour or labours that you play along of your life, also that you do or you don’t do in this. Definition done by Javier Valladolid. 

Virtue: predisposition at the own advantage and/or the advantage of others. Definition of the ethics.   

   “The human being is good and bad for nature, ever he choose both since your life with ought necessity of corruption or do that he become more good for part of the others” Javier Valladolid.

“No all that is true is provable but that it isn’t provable hasn’t the security of be true” Javier Valladolid.

“The reason is so important how the feelings, neither some in opposite at these, a part of the virtue is managing both in perfect harmony” Javier Valladolid.       

“Search the happiness is silly thing, this is reached alone and of different forms (The obtaining of the happiness is relative, it can change in any moment and then those things that at us did happy don’t secure the happiness)” Javier Valladolid. 

“Often the human being himself beave rationally because it use to be in agreement with the essential of the interest” Javier Valladolid.

“Some peoples affirm that the happiness don’t exist, others that only dure some instants. The error is thinking in a purpose, some thing permanent, more exactly it is harmony, poise and profit”. Definition of the happiness according to Lola, teacher in the Utopia high school.

“The pass never free you” Phrase that appeared in a serial of television.

“The future ever test you” Javier Valladolid.

“If you want change the world set up the seed for that this change or get in the fruit that other planted when be the suitable moment” Javier Valladolid.

“If you want change the world don’t impose your ideas, try search the suitable form for it” Javier Valladolid.

“Sometimes the best form of help at somebody is no intervening” Javier Valladolid.  

“When you know more at somebody more unknown he’s” Javier Valladolid.

“The life is for make mistakes, you learn of them, in a certain form they do the life” Javier Valladolid.

“The perfection is something that is wanted try get but that really isn’t wanted get” Javier Valladolid.

“If is true that the people are (we are) corrupted for the society, Also it’s true that we are better thanks at this, it interest us despite the damages that produce” Javier Valladolid.

“The Future is in our hands, the future that we fear haven’t because happen if we encourage us in that it don’t happen and we do something for remedy it” Javier Valladolid.

“The interesting and disappointing in the same time of live the life is that never coincide (Unless not completely) with the life that would like me have had, that I would desire and that I wait that happen actually” Javier Valladolid.

“That time give new life at the memories, it do that the past be seen since other perspective and often of more complete form that when the events happen” Javier Valladolid.

“When you observe and you analyse happenings of your life and events that happen in environs you arrive to have tendency at interfere the less possible in them and when you do it, it is done of  premeditated form” Javier Valladolid.

“Each person is a world and for much that we know at the people (Life, personality, thinking, motivations, emotions, values, psychology, skills and cleverness, etc.) we won’t arrive to know them completely” Javier Valladolid.

“Sometimes searching the form of say much only is found the form of say nothing” Javier Valladolid.

“I have seen so much that now I can’t think only in that I see” Javier Valladolid.

“The memories goods or bads finally are the only that link us with the past” Javier Valladolid.

“It which cost much get easily is lost” Javier Valladolid.

“The humans (we) being will be able have the knowledge of the universe that surround us, we will be able do the most exploit but despite of all we ever will be slaved of the time” Javier Valladolid.

“The ideas have to be understandable for all the peoples, for it is important lean at express   abstract concepts at ideas easily understandable for any people, lesson that several peoples That dedicate part of their time at the philosophy, I included, we ought to learn ” Javier Valladolid.

“The others serve us how guide in the way of the life, but finally we (same: For give emphasis) are our main guide” Javier Valladolid.

“Undervalue at the peoples mix them how objects involve undervalue us (at us same)” Javier Valladolid.

“The Image that you have of you same is more important than the image that the others have of you” Javier Valladolid.

“The most of the peoples can arrive far in the life; they only have to propose it” Javier Valladolid.

“There are peoples that think that the speech falsify the true, in my opinion is how the myth, it tell the true beyond the ideas and the concepts” Javier Valladolid.

 “The good author, that really is committed with their cause, he wants that appear other that overshadow it defending the same cause of mode more plainly and solving exhaustively the  restrained problems in this”  F.Nietzsche, Document, “Human too Human, page 57.

“The Life is like the drama, so exciting and boring that I never would think that the events would happen so if I wouldn’t lived” Javier Valladolid.

"HUMANITATE MAGIS QUAM RELIGIONE NOBIS OPUS EST" (We need more at the humanity than the religion) extracted of   

“The power of a look often is greater than the power of the words” Javier Valladolid. 

“The ways of the goodness and the badness only are possible of suitable form for few peoples; if you aren’t on of them you oughtn’t to follow them (figurative form and translation not literal)” Javier Valladolid.

“The objective of the virtue isn’t the way; the way of the virtue is the objective” Javier Valladolid.     

“The problem of the ideas is that few are useful and of these only some ideas are explained rightly and of understandable form for the others, also of take advantage of them (practise utility)” Javier Valladolid.

“For can be forgiven you have to forgive to yourself” Javier Valladolid.

“In the life is necessary see the good side and wrong of each situation” Javier Valladolid.

“That link to a person with a concrete place aren’t the experiences that be lived in it, it’s that in this would have left a part of herself and how recompense she would have got much more” Javier Valladolid.  

  “Everybody can have ideas which change the world for better, for it there is to take out benefice of them, said them to the others, putting them in practise, for it is essential think and reflect” Javier Valladolid.  

  “It’s good think about the pass, it let us understand how were we, how are we and how have we arrived to it" Javier Valladolid.           

    “In my opinion in the future the good things and the bad things happened equally, although we realise easier of one of those two” Javier Valladolid.  
Everything has a raison of be, although we don’t get to understand it” Javier Valladolid.  

“What a lot of things we can lose for the fear to lose!” Javier Valladolid.

“A search ever begin with the luck of who is beginning and it ever finish with the test of the conqueror” Paulo Coelho.

“The love isn’t in the other person, it’s in us self” Paulo Coelho. 

“Many peoples are fascinated with the details and they forget that they search” Paulo Coelho. 

“Each human being has, in the inner self, something more important that himself, his gift” Paulo Coelho. 

“The humans being are owner of his own destiny” Paulo Coelho. 

“The true experience of the liberty is to have the most important in the world with out posses it” Paulo Coelho. 

“All blessing not accepted becomes in curse” Paulo Coelho. 

“The life is a war for the progress how human beings and in my opinion, the only war which ought to be done” Javier Valladolid.

“Sometimes the thing more hide is the more visible” Javier Valladolid. 

“The life is so complex that practically, it’s (complicate it) only possible simplifying it” Javier Valladolid. 

“I could remember mi life uniting chances” Film Los Amantes del Circulo Polar (The lovers of the Polar Circle).

“What is your problem in your life” Question which was asked by a friend of mine, it’s one of the high questions for a philosopher.

“Why give a step to the utopia if when the utopia is, it pass in the opposite sense, moving its away…?  With the objective of walk is necessary to begin with something” Unknown author.       


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