The dream of being writter

Javier Valladolid Antoranz is 21 years and a dream: to be writer.
He remembers that when he was seven years old, a day in which was in the class of 2nd of Primary, he had to make a writing of 20 lines. " I was scared, I did not imagine that I would be able writte so much";  I evoke becoming absorbed in thought. He began to write a history on extraterrestrial ones and then He felt that he needed space in the leaf to continue writing. " I needed more sheets, more lines and I was jamming the letter to continue counting the story" , it relates
For that reason, from the 15 either 16 years, He began to write or of one more a way to regulate and towards the 17 to insufflate life to his first novel, although with the fear to fail in something so sacred and initiatory as it supposes always this experience of the first time. It was the moment at which he discovered that he enjoyed truly counting histories and he felt that he could make authentic wonders. He decided to make a rough draft of literary ideas where to be writing down its ideas and reflections to develop them progressively in which first novel is already his: " The lost dream. The city of the broken lives", that it makes reference more than to the utopias, – to which, on the other hand, it enchants to him to make trips, to the lost hours, the sleep that vanishes during the nights in candle (Not candle completly) happened in front of a boiling
paper of enthusiasm.
Now he is hatching the second: " The End of Pantakakistós" , where this term designates in Greek old " all worst". And it is that it enchants to him to make jugglings with the words, terms of the Latin and the Greek, all this fruit of his passion to revive died languages, enthusiasm that already came cooking to untimed fire since the classes that he received from Greek in the high school “Utopia”, and from later deepenings, his interest by the élfic language of Tolkien and inventing a new dialect. In addition, they have influenced him in this aspect in the names of his personages and every scenes its trips to Turkey, Italy and Portugal; places of which he has been engaged in with himself keeps very good memories and it reflects somehow in its text.
In order to invent histories, Javier argues that it is not possible to be locked up in a library only reading other authors and representing ideas on the writing, but also one needs to live and to feel his own experiences soon to be able to evoke, to far better reflect and to share it everything with the others by means of the words and the life that has happened through the interior of one same one. In the same way, he thinks that it is precise to be related to people and to go out. This dreamer of worlds is a great adventurer who in his experience with the montañismo has a similar relation like with Literature: the one to continue exploring unexplored footpaths in itself and personal desire to surpass itself.
He does not leave its house without his camera of photos. For him every day is a new adventure source of new inspirations and experiences. The photography, the landscapes that see, the people with whom talk and she is in the neighborhoods serve to him as inspiration in many of his stories, besides situations, people or places. One of them is inspired by a fog landscape of the north of Spain with certain céltics reminiscences and artúricals evocations. When he taught it his teacher she did not think that he had written. She asked to him that from where he had copied. One is the description of a landscape of Galicia, memories, ways and challenges intermingled with the fantasy of territories of Avalon and the marine fog and the basic breeze that he had observed and that had hit to him and impregnated deeply. There, between the landscape that he was observing, part of he himself was left and  he returned of there with another part from himself still to dicovery, which supposed for him a specie of mystical experience in contact with the nature and of spiritual renovation.

Sometimes, when he is sleeping and their personages appear to him in their dreams, not in Unamuno plan if thinking quickly about a rain of thoughts on the history that is thinking, does not awake to shape it on the paper, a notebook, a notebook. He is one of those people with whom better you can guess right with a gift: a notebook, does not matter how it is: with rays, small scuares, in target, small, great, notebook, pages, in notes of an agenda of the congress, he write where it is, where there is white hollow. And if he does not have left leaves, in the margins. When the ideas begin to appear to him, it is difficult to stop to him. You can be hour after hour, day after day, week after week during months seeing every day and to speak him every time of different subjects, in a species of affluent conversation. It is possible to be begun speaking of the slow thing that goes the computer to end up speaking on the trips in the time. He likes to interchange magazines, books, commentaries and ideas and to write collaborative stories, between several authors in an Internet page: literativa, that is a linguistic mixture that means " Literature colaborative".
Why he constructs new universes? Compossing different more or less complex and complicated realities makes him feel well, to fight the melancholy that he thinks that all, at a certain time, we have and we need to make disappear of some way, to develop certain mystical experience and other times he does to entertain himself or laught himself. When a day he has a problem with somebody or has had some more or less significant experience with a person, he uses that experience like inspiration; sometimes it creates personages very based on people which knows. He laught facd with the bad weather (The problems of the life) and he tells some graceful anecdote him (at the bad weather) so that the storm dissipates. He likes to play with the words and the jokes and expressions like that a puzzle or puzzle of double plays with design by the two faces.  


He always takes in its knapsack one or several books to read during some free short that he has during the day, they can be in Gallego, French, Italian or Spanish. The last book that gave to him for their birthday took in the cover the cover lasts of a dragoon of showy colors and as shining as Tolkien. He enchants to read, to think, to philosophise, to see films and series and much of this information he use like an inspiration springboard. For that reason he is studying Philology. This year 3º of Romance Philology and 2º of Italian Philology in the UCM. His favourite sort is the fantastic one. Tolkien, between its favourites.
He decided to take his first steps as of the moment at which he felt that writting served for something. One time, he threw it works to the sweepings to think that he did not serve for anything, but later he regreted and he began to value the importance that had those things he wrote. Their favorite subjects are the life, the love, the death, the moral, the utopias, the good and the evil.
He always tries to surpass itself, to try to have the open mind, to learn of one same one, the things. He tries to contribute in his readers something of humor in his texts, that are touched, that enjoys, that they learn to acquire a critical sense on the reality and can even improve to themselves still more than he has been able to do it through the composition of his works and he would like that their works motivated their adressees to grow and to be developed at intellectual and personal level.

He considers what to create histories serves to reflect, to feel, that it´s entertained and funny and that you can unburden yourself, discover to yourself, because there are things of which you are not conscious but, nevertheless, they are reflected in which you are writing and, more ahead, when you read again that thing, you discover that you have opened the door at the unconscious one. “Something of spiritual has the writing. The mystical experience is very similar and interesting”, he meditates thoughtful.
Every day he is inspired by which reads, in which it happens in the life, the dreams, the news and even in the publicity, in some announcements, series of television and an amount of important science-fiction films.
Not yet, he has been able to obtain that one publishing publishes its texts, but what it matters to him more is everything what it is contributing to himself and to his space of diffusion, although it be more reduced. For him writing is something vital, it is the main thing and thanks to which he can develop a harmony and reflect mainly what happens to him. Perhaps, for that reason, he has an extraordinary memory for the details and the conversations.
In his vindication of the fiction, he defends that Literature serves because the worlds that are created with hes (With the imagination) comprise of our imaginary group. In his opinion, Literature generates certain opening to the world, he considers that always it must have a relation between the reality and the fantasy in this aspect and that the fiction has majors expressive resources as far as the object of the narration and the mythological content and references in which to be based.
With respect to the detractors of Literature that argue that to read fiction is a loss of time, he alleges that they do not know what they are lossing, that it´s enough entertained, that it serves to learn certain things better “because we tend to catch the things by means of the codification of messages that, often, arrive better at our mind by means of stories, tales, our folklore, and not, pure and level, traverse of the explained words and that it is possible to be seen in the education”. And he shows that “Literature creates all an interesting and creative amalgam that open the mind to us from everything what it can tell us, than we can interpret, all the wealth that everyone can contribute to the text, because the texts in certain form are alive as a result of that there is a contact between the mind of the reader and the messages that are being transmitted there, although are of codified form, not codified, that they are symbols immediately perhaps than they do not say anything, but that the reading one already estimates has that them.”
As far as his literary tastes, what more interests to him to read is fantasy, historical fiction, the science-fiction also he likes much although he has read few books, but he is a great spectator of cinema and series of science-fiction, for that reason it calls to him more the reading of this type of books and all to these elements, of all these sources , are incorporating by him and they finish being reflected in his annotations.
Almost every time that he is with the ball-point pen in hand is describing to action, scenes, personages, reflections on its last novel, poems that he invents later to evaluate if he fit them in an extensive story or no.  But what he likes more is to relate the personages, situations, plots and reasons for his different stories, poems, novels, reflections. He is not very to make stories; perhaps “Ounus” or one based on the Literature of Borges: “Qu’est que-c’est? " that he wrote after trying to understand " The Aleph” consulting stubbornly each word in the thesaurus. Finally, the ideas that he is writing and more please to him finalize straining across the window of his blog or in literativa and some poems putting one small leg.
For this untiring traveller of the mind, being writer is an endless history that supposes a slow, long and progressive way  to be discovered to hisself and open a door to the reality by means of the fantasy and a way to the fantasy from the reality to understand better east world and to land in other universes elaborated with the mysterious magnetism of the words.


(Translation made by automatic translator and cheked by me)


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